Black Tea

Referred to as “red tea” in Asia because of their reddish hue, black teas are first rolled and bruised to darken the leaves before they are left to oxidize in shallow piles. Originating in China, black teas are now grown in all of the major tea regions- India, Sri Lanka, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The degree of different elevation levels as well as climate and landscape means there is quite a wide range of styles of black teas. Farms at higher altitudes produce a vivacious, more fruit-forward cup while farms at lower altitudes can produce a tea with malty and more robust, earthy notes. When tea first began to be traded, black tea was the easiest to transport due to its oxidization process, as opposed to green tea which could expire on the trip across the sea. Black tea’s popularity quickly soared, and today it’s the most consumed type of tea on the planet.