Sagarmatha Gold

Sagarmatha Gold

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Named after Mount Everest, or "Sagarmartha" to the Nepalese, this stunning black tea is unlike any other. Tender buds are carefully plucked at 7,000 feet and naturally oxidized, resulting in a heady bouquet with a rich and chocolatey taste full of honey maple notes. Toasted almond hangs on the finish, creating a complex tea that is best appreciated in its pure form. 

Sagarmatha Gold is one of our personal favorite black teas. It is not a strong bold black tea like an Assam, but rather a very well-balanced, fragrant, light black tea with notes of toasty bread and natural sweet honey.  


Award-Winning Tea
Sagarmatha Gold ranked first in an international tea tasting held at Mount Everest Base Camp in April 2018.



Ingredients: Black tea. 
Origin: Sumbek, Illam, Nepal
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

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