Black Gold Biluochun

Black Gold Biluochun

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These little pellets benefit from short-term aging to make a smooth but sturdy cup that waken the senses and boost energy levels, while the palate is left with hints of chocolate and flowers.

Enjoy multiple steeps to get the most out of your leaves, or try it iced as a refreshing summer sip.

Spring 2022 Harvest. 


Ingredients: Black tea.
Origin: Yunnan, China
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Customer Reviews

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E Seeman

Rich, smooth, delicious. I keep reaching for this bag of tea-I will be ordering more in larger bag! O

Anna Reedy

My new favorite! Hot or cold it's amazing. Cold it reminds me of dark chocolate, I little sweet with a hint of bitterness. One of the smoothest teas I've ever drank. I will be buying this EVERY TIME

Carrie R
One of my favorites

I had to order more of this tea. It’s one of my favorite black teas and I’m sure I’ll order it again in a few months.

Steven Marx
One of Our Favorites

Delicious hot, makes a fine iced tea as well. Resteeps beautifully as well. As the title says, it’s one of our favorite teas.

Julia F
Love this

This is my favorite tea. It really holds up to multiple steepings, so I try to have it only when I have the time to steep three times, though the third steeping is the weakest, it is still delicious. I usually do 3, 4, then 5 minutes for the steep times, and just a teaspoon of sugar, or less, to sweeten.

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