Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

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This black tea is strong at its base, it gets an even bigger kick from ginger and star anise.  Cinnamon, orange peel, and clove give it the character notes of a tart mulled wine, while hibiscus and rose petal smooth it into a fruity finish.  

Ingredients: Black tea, hibiscus, rosehips, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, clove, orange peel, calendula, natural flavoring.
Origin: Multiple Origin Blend
Caffeine: MED-HIGH

Customer Reviews

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Ida Willemoes-Wissing
Very tart

This was not what I expected from description. The hibiscus is overpowering, leaving it very tart. This feels more like a fruit tea than a black tea, the black tea is lost in this blend. The other flavors of ginger and cardamon are also not really coming through.

Erik Nygren

Mulled Wine

Incredibly delicious

I was not sure how this tea would taste....but it's amazing. Has an even better flavor than mulled wine and you can drink it in the morning! Definitely one I'm going to add into my rotation.

Mandy Smith
A festive favorite!

This one is perfect for holiday celebratory sipping! We love the tart and tangy notes that so accurately depict its name - mulled wine! A great one steeped and re-steeped! So flavorful and festive!

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