Tea Runners Easy Brew Glass Teapot

Tea Runners Easy Brew Glass Teapot

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Apr 13: We will have more of these teapots available this summer.

The Tea Runners Easy Brew Glass Teapot is a very simple and effective way to enjoy your teas. This teapot is made of sturdy borosilicate glass, making it very resistant to cracks from thermal shock (hot temps) and breaks.

Our Easy Brew teapots are perfect for allowing your full leaf teas to expand in water. Watch your tea leaves unfurl and dance around inside the container as they steep.

We've added an 8 oz marker on the size so you can measure the perfect amount of water, but these teapots can be filled to about 13 oz if you desire a bigger cup of tea!

Although it looks like a French press, this teapot is not a press and does not have moving parts. The strainer at the top simply filters the tea as you pour it in your cup.

  • Very easy to clean
  • 8 oz marker
  • Can be filled up to 13 oz
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great for all kinds of tea, including full leaf teas and herbal teas with fine particles
  • Works well for hot or iced teas

Dimensions: 5" high x 3.5" across (not including handle).